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Blowing machine to focus on after-sales serviceRelease date:2017-06-17 00:00

At present, the domestic blow molding machine industry after 30 years of reform and opening up the development of the downstream blow molding products in the strong market demand, has been a great development, the current domestic has formed a number of scale blow molding machine manufacturers. These manufacturers have the level of production technology and international advanced technology is almost the same. However, the domestic blow molding machine in the brand or still have a certain distance, especially in the blow molding machine after-sales service.

In the purchase of blow molding machine, we have just engaged in blow molding production manufacturers, especially some small investment enterprises and individuals, will pay more attention to the price of blow molding machine. After reading the same performance parameters, tend to choose low prices of blow molding machine manufacturers. This time, we have ignored these manufacturers a problem. In fact, the blow molding machine and a lot of our usual purchase of the product is not the same, that is, blow molding machine after-sales service, it can be said after-sales technical support is a very important part. Some of our brand blowing machine business can even do the door to provide follow-up technical support. This is just engaged in blow molding production, for the blow molding machine is not a good operating experience of the enterprise, it solved a lot of worries. Therefore, we must buy a bottle blowing machine to understand the level of after-sales service of the manufacturers. Similarly, for a blow molding machine manufacturers, in order to get rapid development, must also be able to continue to improve in the after-sales service for a person who wants to invest in plastic bottle factory, the purchase of a cost-effective, stable quality, late Service timely blow molding machine is placed in front of the urgent need to solve the matter. Perhaps you will say that the blow molding machine on the selection of those internationally renowned brands on it. However, these blow molding machines are often very expensive. For some small and medium-sized plastic bottle manufacturers on the one hand, the first is the lack of capacity orders, on the other hand is limited funds, so this proposal is not appropriate.

For the blow molding machine, many new enterprises into this area, it is very strange. So how to understand the relevant blowing machine performance and parameters are critical. Of course this is just a simple aspect. For blow molding machine products, the more important is the follow-up of the late service of this machine. Guangzhou West has a sound after-sales service agencies, has been, Run Hong to their own service concept: re-Connaught and trustworthy, skilled, high quality and efficient, common development, a life-long maintenance. Service all the partners, from Baidu ranked first can be seen in the industry get a high reputation.

For the choice of blow molding machine, not only in the manufacturing technology have your requirements for the blow molding machine after sale has a higher demand.A qualified bottle blowing machine business in the sale, but also responsible for the assembly of the blow molding machine and Baking machine training related guidance. At the same time to have a perfect bottle blowing machine service outlets, to follow up the timely maintenance of the blow molding machine. These require blow molding machine business has a perfect after-sales system, which is not built overnight At present, some domestic blow molding machine enterprises have been constantly building their own after - sales service system.

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