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New Technology of Rotary Blowing Blowing MachineRelease date:2017-06-17 00:00

Rotary Blowing Blowing Machine is a modern hi-tech equipment with high-speed and high-efficiency molding machine. It has been the monopoly of foreign companies. The market has been monopolized by foreign companies. No high-speed efficient multi-functional industrial rotary blow molding machine, the development of rotary stretch blow molding machine in order to enhance its competitiveness in the market. At present, the domestic company combines the multi-year blow molding machine research and development technology independent innovation research and development of high-tech rotary stretch blow molding machine, from the blank to the bottle automatically completed, with artificial intelligence, control automation, energy saving, functional diversification, Efficient and efficient, stable shape, safe and reliable, suitable for drinking liquid, medical liquid and other liquid containers of cold filling, sub-hot filling, high temperature sterilization hot filling PET, PP and other types of packaging containers of high-speed pull Stretch blow molding, in particular, opened up a cost-effective PP material of the medical infusion bottle and rinse liquid bottle pull blow molding equipment precedent, to fill the domestic vacancies, to the international level, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Rotary Blowing Machine Blowing System


Rotary stretch blow molding machine


First, the process innovation


Preform feed: the preform is poured into the hopper, the conveyor belt will automatically lift the preform to the billet, then the preform is neatly arranged in the blank into the guide, the preferred preform to rely on gravity automatically into the equipment Of the heat transfer. Automatic control of the blank, the blank efficiency and not to hurt the preform.


Preform heating: in the blank at the head of the heating head automatically continuous access to preforms, uniform rotation of the preform continuously through a special heating zone and get precise control of heating, temperature distribution symmetrical.


Stretch Blowing: The cam mechanism controls the opening and closing of the mold correctly. Simple mold frame mechanism, so that the replacement of the mold more convenient. Special clamping system, so that the mold to achieve fast and stable. The mouth of the special structure, the original blowing control technology, improve the yield.


Molding the bottle: The robot automatically removes the bottle from the mold and accepts the quality inspection, which meets the quality requirements of the bottle delivered to the belt, which is stored in a bottle bin or on-line filling.


Second, institutional innovation


Preform conveyor mechanism: a unique preform mandrel transfer mechanism, heating to ensure that the preform without risk.


High-speed operation of the mold clamping mechanism: the invention of independent intellectual property rights of the patented rotary lock-type structure, a special clamping system, high-speed operation stable and no noise.


Hot filling bottle molding mechanism: blowing hot filling bottles, the use of three-way special design of the distributor will be different requirements of the water / oil temperature evenly distributed to the different parts of the mold, the bottle crystallinity to achieve the best results.


Lightweight energy-saving blowing system: the use of cold and hot air dual combination of heating in the bottle and the drive shaft forced cooling, to achieve the best way to cool. In the heating box using the wind device, to overcome the air convection, to ensure that the preform heating temperature balance, to prevent the preform surface superheat.


Energy-saving sealing machine Blowing combination valve: control valve without pipe connection, compact structure, simple debugging and maintenance, high and low pressure consumption is fair, to achieve the best energy control.


Simple and reliable manipulator: cam rod-type billet and take the bottle of the robot, simple, excellent coordination, low manufacturing costs.


Clean and safe molding design: the device is fully enclosed structure, to ensure a clean molding environment, Du made the outside of the molding bottle of pollution, to ensure that the medical transfusion bottle forming cleanliness. Improve the reliability of the security door system to ensure the safety of the staff and equipment, long-term stability of the operation.


Third, control innovation


Preform heating system: the use of SCR control of infrared heating, each layer of infrared tube can be independently controlled. Heating area of the air activities and unique design of the bottleneck protection device, so that the preform to obtain the ideal temperature curve at the same time, the bottleneck is not affected by heating, supplemented by infrared thermometer to achieve automatic temperature control, to achieve preform intelligent heating control. The heating tube is individually controlled.


Manipulation system: man-machine dialogue control system, intuitive to reflect the production status, preform temperature heating through the touch screen display, according to the blowing process requirements to adjust the control parameters, through the touch screen to easily control the blowing parameters of each cavity The


Safety system: Clamping machine Electrical interlock protection Avoid damage to equipment when mold clamping is poor. Locking Machinery Electrical Interlock Protection Ensures the safety of molds and molds. The double limit detection of the bottom and open molds ensures that the device does not exhibit a die at high speed. The sealing multi-point detection device maximizes the safe operation of the robot and the extension rod. Take the bottle inspection to ensure the safe operation of the blank and the mold. The electronic detection system is correct to automatically remove the vials and defective preforms to prevent downtime. Heating tube disconnection alarm detection.


Fourth, processing capacity


Stretch blow molding machine molding speed is the primary parameters of processing capacity, stretch blow molding equipment is the pursuit of the most important goal. Rotary stretch blow molding machine to optimize the heating system to reduce the heating time, improve the operation of the preform conveyor transmission speed, improve the rapid positioning of the preform performance, shorten the mold opening and closing and blowing head lifting time, increase the molding cavity Number and other progressive single-mode production and total output. Single-mode 1700 per hour capacity reached the international advanced level.


Fifth, multi-functional innovation


Ordinary rotary stretch blow molding machine can only form cold filling PET container, a single function, the application of narrow surface. The company uses independent innovation research and development of linear stretch blow molding machine PP bottle technology, combined with the characteristics of rotary stretch blow molding machine, developed a rotary stretch blow molding machine PP molding equipment and equipment for the PP material Medical transfusion bottles and rinse bottles to provide high-tech equipment, to achieve not only for PET bottles stretch blow molding, but also for PP bottle stretch blow molding. Independent innovation has developed an oil / water three-way dispenser suitable for stretch blow molding hot filling bottles, hot filling and blowing molds, hot mold blowing station, so that users can quickly replace the device, Bottled stretch blow molding, to achieve a multi-purpose function.

Six, application


Rotary Tensile Blowing Machine has been successfully applied to famous companies including domestic and international stretch blow molding containers including Coca-Cola, Arowana and Huiyuan. The actual use confirmed that the rotary stretch blow molding machine high-speed and efficient, stable shape, safe and reliable.


Seven, the conclusion


The successful application of rotary stretch blow molding machine shows that China's rotary stretch blow molding machine has a certain share in domestic and foreign markets, indicating that independent innovation is the road to the success of scientific development. Simple and repeat the same product to the environment, high-tech market development to adapt to the development of endless products. In the molding rate, function, performance and other aspects of a fundamental breakthrough, the development of equipment is no way out. Scientifically develop long-term and effective market development strategies to provide timely and competitive equipment for the market.

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