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Automatic Blow Molding Machine Blow Molding Machine Industry Development TrendRelease date:2017-06-17 00:00

Blow molding machine market is fully into the era of automation, with the downstream market transformation and upgrading and increasingly high labor costs. Automation, integration of the blow molding machine has become the first choice for many manufacturers. Which forced the blow molding machine manufacturers have begun to try to give up the traditional product type, the main automatic blow molding machine market. Automatic blow molding machine for the manufacturers need to have a strong R & D strength, need to have more experience accumulated. Which makes some small blow molding machine manufacturers seem powerless. There is a certain gap between the production of the blow molding machine and the equipment industry of the foreign enterprises. This has only a great relationship with the slow start of the domestic press industry. It only focuses on the whole process of design, manufacture, inspection, installation, commissioning and service. National production standards, improve the domestic production of the press industry.

Automatic blow molding machine in the entire production process does not require manual participation, basically to achieve the automated production, automatic blowing machine using intelligent control system, which can guarantee the production efficiency, the use of automatic feeding, the preform blank Body part of the heating softening, in order to maintain the shape of the bottle, the bottle is not required to heat the mouth, so the need for a cooling device to its cooling operation. And can also support more than one machine combination to the automatic production line, greatly reducing the labor costs, because of its characteristics, many PET packaging companies choose to buy automatic blow molding machine, to achieve the purpose of continuous production. In fact, in addition to the surface factors, automatic blow molding machine also has an automatic barrier function, when the operation error, the machine program will display and send the corresponding alarm sound; mold replacement is very convenient, in the corresponding machine capacity range need not adjust the capacity Die thickness. In addition to the above, it also has some other advantages, not listed here.

Although the development of fully automatic blow molding machine is very fierce, but there are still some problems, but also face market opportunities and challenges. Blow molding machine manufacturers need to continue to invest in research and development costs, the development of new products, for some old machines, to properly adjust the product structure, excluding low productivity, high energy consumption, product lagging models, good product replacement. From the current beverage bottle industry, in the juice, functional drinks, tea, bottled drinking water and carbonated drinks and other products at the same time, will gradually to the low sugar or sugar-free drinks and natural, milk and other health Sexual drinks in the direction of excessive, then, blow molding machine industry is bound to the green, profit compression, brand sales, high quality and efficiency, low energy consumption industry standard change. This will be the inevitable trend of the development of PET packaging industry, blow molding machine manufacturers must make a corresponding change in advance to meet the market development, who can continue to meet the needs of PET packaging business, who will be in the blow molding machine industry is conducive to invincible , And even go abroad, and international brands compete.

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